Chairman Speak

"Raichak. More than just a location. An idea whose time has come."
Less than 20 years ago, Raichak was just a sleepy fishing dot on the map… where shops closed in the afternoon for routine siesta, where a dog's bark could be heard across the village and where people peeked out of their huts if a city visitor arrived.

I think we have been able to keep much of the idyllic charm intact while creating a resort, the first of its kind in Eastern India.
Raichak was conceived a good two years before the word 'liberalisation' had even been coined within the Indian context. Two decades later, in a period marked by unprecedented stress, its relevance has only increased.

Raichak was launched when Kolkata was dismissed as unambitious; our development played a role in liberating the Calcuttan from a long-standing defensiveness.
Raichak has emerged as the showpiece of a Bengal intent on moving ahead in line with the best standards in the country.

Brand Raichak continues to be as relevant as when it was conceived for some good reasons:

  • Raichak, just 90 minutes from Calcutta, is the proximate antidote to the stress of a madding crowd.
  • Raichak continues to offer clean air, clean view and clean sound at a time of growing environmental degradation.
  • Raichak offers an opportunity to go back in time to the kind of lives our forefathers lived in their country homes.
  • Raichak serves the need for people to bond, talk and confer in non-formal surroundings.

The result is Raichak is different things to different people. A quality weekend getaway for Calcuttans. A relaxed business conferencing destination. A hub for destination weddings. A major economy driver supporting the lives of more than 1,000 local people. A sensitive and caring host to a number of prominent artistes and events.

More than just a location. An idea whose time has come.
Harshavardhan Neotia