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Stylish weekend retreats. Just the idyllic setting one needs. Uninterrupted by work and deadlines. The pleasures of a simple life, beautiful landscape and rich countryside await you at Ganga Awas Hermitage.
Beautiful landscape and nature. Tranquil and screen countryside. Disconnect from the hurries and worries of life. Timber-edged and polished terrazzo floor, simple white plaster walls with teakwood doors. The array of buildings is beautifully placed.
Small patio terrace with intimate spaces resemble ancient Bengal villages. Soothes the senses. Calms the mind.

The buildings are arrayed on each side based on necessary privacy from each other and the environment. A small patio terrace attached to either a small play pool or a lap pool, providing a sit-out terrace outside the living dining room for each house.

Provision of small intimate spaces between houses. Reminiscent of ancient villages in Bengal.Kutir. Complete with similar furniture and stylish elements.

The Ganga Awas Hermitage at Raichak extends sophistication of the Ganga Kutir Boutique resort to residential homes. Spread over several sites in the larger Raichak development made from the same palette of materials used at Ganga Kutir. Complete with similar furniture and stylish elements.


Raichak on Ganges
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