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Mallika, a green nest and natural retreat

Mallika, a part of 100 acres luxury that is ensconced in greenery. A conglomerate of country homes that is entrenched in green and the aspirations of a better life.

Futuristic country homes nestled amidst greens in the luxurious getaway of Raichak-on-Ganges. A vacation home where simply walking along the river is an added bonus! Entrenched in nature’s lap, Mallika Villas is the perfect amalgam of contemporary functionality and oneness with nature.

Welcome to Mallika Villas! LUXURY OF NATURE

Space-efficient modern architecture: A series of aesthetic lowrises with exposed brick construction and white plastering is the architectural grammar at Mallika Villas. Well laid along a central spine, all natural materials have been used in its construction in keeping with the central principle of integration. Come home to Mallika Villas, cosy duplex apartments enveloped in green, with a front lawn and a quaint rear sitout for morning prayers or evening rendezvous. Exposed brick offlays along the façade juxtaposed with white plaster offers the perfect foil to the surrounding green.

Introducing Country Homes with Rooftop Swimming Pool:Aesthetic row houses in a gated complex, Mallika Villas offers well-designed dwelling units in line with contemporary mandates. Earmarking the architectural thoughtfulness of integrating with the surrounding greens, there is a rooftop swimming pool with an adjoining deck that also assimilates a piece of the sky.

Owning a home at Mallika Villas means gaining access to all leisure, clubbing, dining, wellness infrastructure that forms the main bouquet of Raichak-on-Ganges.Bigger. Beautiful. Self-sustained integrated luxury and leisure destination. Only 51 kms from Kolkata. Mallika Villas WBHIRA Registration Number. HIRA/P/SOU/2018/ 000128 Details available at


Mallika Villas
WBHIRA Registration Number. HIRA/P/SOU/2018/ 000128
Details available at
GGL Hotel and Resort Company Limited,
Regd. Office : Vishwakarma, 86C, Topsia Road (South), Kolkata 700046
Site Office: Raichak on Ganges, Singhalgunjabad, 24 Parganas(S)
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Mr.Ashish Acharjee

Mr.Ashish Acharjee an empanelled consultant with West Bengal Heritage Commission, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, West Bengal.

Involved in restoration of the historic Fort at Buxaduar for the I&CA department, Government of West Bengal and Urban Renewal of the Town Square precinct of Serampur.

He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in 1988 and worked with Architect Charles Correa (1988-90) in several landmark projects like the Jawahar Kala Kendra a ‘Cultural Centre’ in Jaipur, a ‘Beach Resort’ at Goa, a ‘Rehabilitation Township’ at Bagalkot in

Karnataka and MRF Corporate Headquarters at Chennai. Moved to Kolkata in 1990 and joined a subsidiary of Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited as Senior Architect and worked in pioneering projects in Real Estate.

Involved in a diverse array of projects that range from Housing to Planning;

Institutional to Commercial; Documentation, Research and Restoration. The renowned Architect has been a correspondent in leading architectural journals

of India and has received several international awards for academic and professional work.