Less than 20 years ago, Raichak was just a sleepy fishing dot on the map, where shops closed in the afternoon for a routine siesta, where a dog’s bark could be heard across the village and where people peeked out of their huts if a city visitor arrived.


Set amidst frangipani and lemon groves with a private lawn, Gardenia a bunch of premium country homes stands on 4 cottahs of land each. The bungalows are your perfect getaway home away from home. Designed by prominent architect Mr. Vivek Singh Rathore. His unique architectural style has rendered an exquisite appeal to the country homes at Gardenia

Hira Registration No: HIRA/P/SOU/2018/000150

Mallika Villas

Mallika, a green nest and natural retreat. Futuristic country homes nestled amidst greens in the luxurious getaway of Raichak-on-Ganges. A vacation home where simply walking along the river is an added bonus! Entrenched in nature’s lap, Mallika Villas is the perfect amalgam of contemporary functionality and oneness with nature. Welcome to Mallika Villas! LUXURY OF NATURE

Hira Registration No: HIRA/P/SOU/2018/000128