Raichak on Ganges

In another time on another day, by the great Hooghly River, Stood a mighty structure, a fort, a symbol of imperial power. Here the river snaked and bent, on its way out to the sea, an important trading avenue, but alas, plagued by piracy.

Across these waters sailed many ships, bearing cargoes precious and dear, attacked suddenly, robbed and destroyed, by bloodthirsty buccaneers.

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with Spa

Nestled next to the the banks of the magnificent Ganges is a dedicated wellness centre.

Embark on a journey of sensorial delight with  international treatment protocols  and therapies that combine the best from Warren Tricomi Salon & Spa.

Venturing into the wellness industry, Warren Tricomi Salon & Spa is one the best salon and spa in India, which indulges people in a plethora of treatments. One of the luxury spas in India, Warren Tricomi has a team of distinguished and talented expert therapists and stylists who are trained to pamper and refresh – offering a variety of therapies or services, using the best of ingredients.

Country Homes

Life at Raichak

  • The Enthusiastic Ducklings

    Watch the enthusiasm of the Ganga Kutir ducklings as you feed them bread crumbs!

  • Golfing at the Ffort Garden

    Putt on the mini-green inside the Ffort garden; while you struggle with the seventh, remember Tig...

  • Photograph the idyllic bliss of a whi...

    Photograph the idyllic bliss of a white-masted sail boat plough noiselessly through the river and...

  • Satisfy your taste buds

    Savour the magic of the loochi radhaballabhi from Ramkrishna Mistanna Bhandar before you turn in ...

  • Jog away the 1500 m stretch

    Jog the 1,500 m from Pakhiralaya to the main iron gate; time yourself; the world champion would p...

  • Count the stars on the boat at Sonar ...

    Lie down in a boat at Sonar Tori and count the stars.

  • That perfect click for the butterfly

    Try and shoot an orange and black butterfly in flight!

  • First feel for your children to drive...

    Give your children their first feel of driving a moving car around the safe Pakhiralaya roundabout.

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