Less than 20 years ago, Raichak was just a sleepy fishing dot on the map, where shops closed in the afternoon for a routine siesta, where a dog’s bark could be heard across the village and where people peeked out of their huts if a city visitor arrived.

Ganga Kutir

Ganga Kutir : Sitting on the edge of the Ganges, elegantly designed Deluxe Rooms, Premium Rooms and Presidential Suite offer a pristine and unforgettable experience.


A spa resort set in lush surrounding with the breathtaking view of Ganges, the resort redefines relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Ffort Raichak

The Ffort Raichak has its own mysteries and secrets for you to discover. Have a rendezvous with the glorious past while you submerge in fine modern luxury. The magnificent citadel overlooking the river is the perfect hideout for the stressed souls. With a perfect blend of fascinating nature all around and lavish comfort, holidaying at The Ffort Raichak by the gorgeous Ganges is indeed the experience of a lifetime! This heritage retreat seamlessly blends fine luxury with nature’s bounty.The Superior Rooms and the Presidential Suites offer comfort and warmth for a pleasurable stay with a breathtaking view of the Ganges.

The Ffort Suites

Be a part of the colonial townscape at The Ffort Suites. Witness the imperial clock tower that stands as a silent witness of time and happy memories created by its guests. Be one with the surrounding greenery as you take an evening stroll while the breeze plays with your hair and also take in the attention to detail in the manicured landscape that endeavours to soothe your eye.