Brand Raichak continues to be as relevant to say as when it was conceived for some good reasons:

Therefore, Raichak is different things to different people. A quality weekend or vacation getaway for Kolkatans. A relaxed business conferencing destination. A hub for destination weddings. A major economy driver supporting more than 1000 local people. A sensitive and caring host to a number of prominent artistes and events.

Today, Raichak is a larger-than- life destination, which is bigger, beautiful and self-sustainable. An introduction to like-minded neighbours within a gated and secured community, amidst a manicured and maintained premise is the promise of Raichak.

When a luxury destination is classic and timeless it actually becomes apt for any occasion and perfect even for no occasion! Make your own stories, create your own moments. In fact, making Raichak your country home helps you create moments that have a greater shelf life than those accumulated in a one-off vacation. This vacation is for life! Raichak is a timeless destination. With worldclass infrastructure and the perfect convergence of nature and modernism. Dip, bathe, eat, walk, sit, swoon, observe and, basically, feel relaxed and rejuvenated within a classic getaway.

I invite you to fall in love with its pretty charm and make Raichak your home.

-Harshavardhan Neotia
Chairman, Ambuja Neotia